Private postsecondary schools are our core business

In 1988, when we first visited campuses we marveled at the inconsistencies in uniform appearance from campus to campus and scrub to scrub. It was clear that corporate brand management was suffering greatly at these colleges. That's when we conceived our notion on how to provide for faculties, students, and colleges.

We are all about consistency. You will see it in our daily execution. You will see it with the color and fabric of our scrubs. You will see it in our service. You will see it in our top notch, in-house embroidery, never outsourced!

Our embroidery services allow you to promote your school in the most cost effective way possible. Don't have a logo? We'll help you design one that will enable you to advertise your school professionally and give your campuses a uniform look with a virtually unlimited selection of thread colors.

Over the years, we have perfected our craft. From investing in new machinery, our partner schools, or to creating unique custom websites for online ordering, we do what it takes. In addition, we provide unique packaging for students to include their individual scrubs, lab wear, medical accessories, customized nursing kits, vet kits, EMT kits, etc. This service is designed to take the scrub management business off of the school administration's plate and put it on ours.

If your school's scrubs and accessory sales emanate from your bookstores, we have a terrific program that takes enormous work at your location out of the picture and makes it easier for your bookstore management team, too.

Prism Medical is part of a large international manufacturing network. Feel comfortable knowing if it's made of fabric, we can make it to your specifications or recommend our own. If your organization is interested in customized garments, or maybe our premium UltraSoft line, featuring 77% polyester/23% rayon fabric, we can review your design specs and produce a prototype to suit your needs.

Consider your switch to Prism Medical turnkey. In order to execute flawlessly, planning must be perfect.

Your dedicated Prism Medical team will collaborate with you to ensure the development of a well orchestrated transition plan. And once the switch is made, internally, we work in teams to make sure that all of our customer orders, big or small, are followed through with the same accuracy time after time. We get it right the first time.

Timing is everything. We understand this.

Help us understand your needs and we'll work together to provide a solution.