Health Care Institutions

We welcome the opportunity to provide professional uniform scrubs and accessories to hospitals and health care related institutions.

Many hospitals and health care related institutions are content with allowing their employees the freedom to purchase medical apparel on their own. Other organizations find that individual preferences and unique scrub purchases by many cause inconsistencies in appearance and colors and as a result, are confusing to patients and visitors.

Our lab coats and warm-up jackets are very popular with medical professionals as are the multiple scrub styles we offer. We routinely stock in sizes XXS-5XL.

Prism Medical is part of a large international manufacturing network. Feel comfortable knowing if it's made of fabric, we can make it to your specifications or recommend our own. As the manufacturer, we are uniquely positioned to offer customized garments. If your organization is interested in a more custom piece, such as our premium Ultra Soft line, featuring 77% polyester/23% rayon fabric, we would be happy to review your design specs and perform a prototype to suit your needs.

In addition to our product offerings, we are able to help you promote your institution in a cost effective while lasting way with our superior in-house embroidery service. Using only top quality thread, our embroidery heads are ready to stitch your logo with a virtually unlimited selection of thread colors. With quality control built into our post-embroidery station, we ensure that your products will always come to you showroom-ready.

One of our specialties is making the transition process to Prism Medical a smooth, problem-free experience. Along with our products and services, a personal representative will be here for you along the way.